Who is this RISE conference for2019-03-20T21:46:45+00:00

RISE Conference is for leaders of any size church who desire to rise above mediocrity and accomplish extraordinary things for the Kingdom.

Is it open seating2017-01-20T04:02:19+00:00

Yes, it is open seating so make sure to come early and get a good seat!!

Will childcare be provided2019-03-20T21:47:32+00:00

RISE will be a “KID-FREE” event. That means as much as we love kids (and we really love kids), we are trying to create an environment where leaders and parents are able to truly relax, learn and be refreshed. Thank you for understanding!

Will there be Spanish translation2017-01-20T04:03:24+00:00

Yes, there will be Spanish translation.

Will the event be live streamed online?2019-03-20T21:48:02+00:00

RISE will be live streamed for the main session on Thursday and Friday night only.  The General Sessions will be recorded and made available for purchase at the conference.

Who do I contact if I have questions?2019-03-20T21:48:47+00:00

We welcome your questions and are here to answer them anytime!  You can send your questions to info@riseconference.cc or through our contact us page.